The Power of Good Feedback: A New Game

Game jams, like Ludum Dare, offer a great opportunity to explore new ideas. And because they are very very time limited, like a weekend only, they generally generates poor-to-medium quality products, unless you act deeply in the scope in a way that it is clearly a quick bite game with almost no commercial future.
I always wanted to develop something to last. “10 Seconds to Speech” suffered from the lack of interest of the public. I still believe that the major flaw was the abstract theme and it would have a lot more audience if is recreated with a more palpable theme. The timing was not good for the Creator Saga Story Tycoon because the amount of work my day job was quite demanding. I could not invest more time even for making it a better free game.
But the game I created for Ludum Dare 29 will have a different fate. The quality of the feedback I’m having is great. Even with much less publicity than Creator SST, people that played gave me important insights and described everything that went wrong with a lot of care. I felt the game touched these people and they wanted to give to the author a feedback to actually make it better.
Since I personally believe in the future of this game, I’m announcing the next Gamenific project:

Vaults Inc

The ultimate post-nuclear-war-bunker-simulator. A turn based strategy game in which you take control of a underground facility that have to attract the most population possible. Each turn, your fame will be converted to more citizens.
Each building affects each other in a complex net: Landfill decreases Fame is placed next to a residential block; slaughterhouse generates more income if placed next to a restaurant; fancy restaurant decreases fame is other fancy restaurants are built. Timing and Location are crucial.
Bigger bunkers means bigger problems: the more you grow, your fame and income start to go down. The game has typically 50 turns and the player have to reach the biggest population possible.

Future development

The game needs to go back to design. Not only there are several features that I could not implement, but also I have to give a total remake on things that already done.
From a quick list, here are some items:

  • Save and Load functionality: auto explaining and the benefits are quite obvious
  • Graphical revamp: it was one top complains from LD players and not with reason
  • Bots: a computer opponent for single player
  • New game play features: challenges and empty blocks are among the things I want to implement to make the game richer
  • Campaign mode: for single players, with specific scenarios
  • Multi player: online and local
  • Social: comparing scores with friends
  • Multi platform: PC, Mac, Android an iOS for sure. Other platforms could be considered

I will keep a much more constant diary about this game. And I plan to release an Alpha version quite soon. Stay tuned!

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