Naming Cubes

Naming something (or someone for the matter) is a horrible process experience. We feel amazingly guilty from even the possibility of choosing a bad name. After all, we could name it anything!
Worth mention that, when I was a kid, I used to create a lot of stuff (neighbourhood newspapers, games, plays, comic characters) and I simply loved the brainstorm sessions to name these things. I used to laugh out loud from the ideas. Such good time.
When I started to prototype Picubic, it was just GameCube (yep, the video game. Yep, it is a reference for the logo too). But one day I had that moment “hey… I can actually make something from it” them I had to baptize it with a good commercial name. Finding an available URL address played a huge part on the process, making it more painful.
Picubic was named after two concepts: Cubes (duh) and Images (3D objects). After loads of attempts, we came with Picture Cubes, or PIC Cubes or… PICubic.
But writing this name over and over and the name eventually changed to a easily spelling Picubic that we see now. A lot of people, however, could now notice the reference of picture. Sad. I totally biased pool with friends revealed that if I had the name back to PICubic, it would help.


So now we are re-establishing the correct naming: PICubic. It highlights the Picture aspect also from the written name. I hope these friends were right!