Mobile Creator

Since it’s release in Ludum Dare 28 competition, I keep receiving good feedback from the game Creator Saga Story Tycoon.
The game was created in response of the previous competition entry that was hammered for being complex. I created a brainless game, which will make the gamers just click in the main character for several minutes, even hours.
One of the common “requested” features was a port to mobile. So that is it! I will dedicate a couple of days just to port it to Android and iOS. It will require several updates but it might not take long.
Planned work:

  • fix old bugs
  • review the tutorial
  • rename some items
  • rebalanced
  • implement ads
  • review the analytic

These will be implemented a bit at time and expect version after version with these features.
As you can see, it is not planned for now a total remake. Just an enhanced port. I will revisit the game later in the year.
Essentially the only new “feature” is the inclusion of ads. I was planning to do this since the original version, but the competition time frame was too short. It will be the very first ad game.
The Android version is expected to this weekend (June 1st) and iOS to next week.

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