Gamenific new site

As you might have already noticed, we changed our home.
It took one year to get irreversibly annoyed with Blogger and Google Sites services. They are too basic and confusing. It was becoming counter productive.
Google Sites is weird! Not only it is very akward interface to build the site it self but also the administration structure is confusing. Also, there are very few professionals in the market that know how to customize and enhance a Google Site’s site. The result was a very bad looking website that could potentially hurt the brand.
Blogger is much better accepted. It is still had to find good professionals and tutorial and everything for a Blogger site but it is possible. Even that, the editor is so clunky that was taking too much time to just format and customize the post according my taste. It was a much less critical problem, but if the new product was able to nicely

The new platform: Weebly

After a quick search in the market, fake bloging and customizing testing sites, I decided to move, at least temporarily, to Weebly. I checked Wix,, SquareSpace but none offered a good low-cost solution with the power that I needed.
It is a constant experimentation process. We will try to include this site into our workflow.
I am particularly preoccupied with the blogging features. Weebly is notably weak in this area, with little-to-none administration controls. It will have implications in the long run, but until then the service might get better, so it’s better not to worry too much now.
I am very excited with the new home. What you do think? Did you liked?
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