Game is Art and Code

I’m a one man company. Gamenific is, at least for now, Bruno Massa Inc. All my games are designed and programmed by me. And while I consider myself a man with a reasonable artistic eye, I have to admit that I don’t have the talent to make it a profession. If you see all my games, they tend to be very abstract and generic. I generally try to use artifacts and tricks to create a visual impact.
Now I am in the chase of an game graphical artist. Well… I am in this pursuit for quite long time. I tried several marketplaces with no success. As an indie, I don’t have a huge budget, and in this field you get what you paid for.
I know there are talented guys that are willing to go indie. I know many might work even for free, for the sake of participating in a full game production. They are out there. At each edition of Ludum Dare I see several guys making mediocre games with wonderful art.


Now I created a challenge for myself: find a partner. It is now my new mantra. I just need to stop improvising and start to delegate some jobs to other people. I want to invest my time in things that I am good at and give other parts to other people. In my case, I need an artist that I trust and share my design decisions.
Important to say that partnerships take time. Trusting takes time. I need give people time to allow they to gain my trust. So I will, step-by-step, increasing the amount of delegated decisions.

First Steps

I will start to make systematic attempts to hire contractors for the next 2 months at least. I will go to oDesk (the best place to find somebody for almost any job), DeviantArt and ask other Ludum Dare developers. I plan to ask all of them to make small tests, to check their artistic veins and styles. If they are good and aligned to what I want, I will give them small lists of deliverables: icons, characters, background, GUI…
The current projects, Picubic and Vaults Inc, demand different skills. Picubic is mainly in 3D, so while it have 2D art, it needs someone with a minimum of 3D knowledge. Vaults Inc will need animated art and loads of images.
Do you have any experience on hiring artists?

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