Destructor iPhone

My plan for putting Creator Saga Story Tycoon in the mobile space has faced a bizarre obstacle: my iPhone exploded!
I was using a 3GS model just for developing. This Sunday, after returning from lunch, I saw the iPhone totally opened on the table. My first thought was someone let the phone fall and it broke. But looking closer I noticed that I could not even close the phone again: the battery was round and enormous.
I really don’t know what happened. I did not have the time to research about it. When telling my friends about what the incident, the first thing they asked me was: look at this battery! Was the phone in the plug? No. I charged the phones the day before, and it was just laying in the table.
I do not use the phone often, so my own hypothesis is that iOS was performing some kind of system update that was so intense, so intense, that phone super heated and the battery materials suffered some chemical reaction, like a popcorn bag in the microwave. But again, it is just a supposition, because the phone was not even hot when I found it.
Did it happened wit you? Does anyone know what should I do? I really wanted to make iOS a default platform for all my games. For now, no iOS games.
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