August Ping

It has been about a month that I do not write in this blog. Sorry all. Let’s do a little fast report about what is happening here in Rio.

World Cup

During the mid June to mid July Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup. It is the biggest sport event in the planet, bigger than Olympic games even (considering viewers). I could not go to a single game, but it affected deeply my productivity. I tried as much as I could to finish Picubic as promised, but I failed. I had to postpone the deadline to August/September. I’m working hard on optimizations and some annoying bugs. I will contact soon everybody that sponsored the game the delay

New job, in the same company

I am that kind of indie developer that have a full day job. Gaming is a hobby (but I plan to change that!). Starting July first, I have changed my company position. I came from IT department to a core Oil department. This was an important change in my life and it demanding a lot of work.
Now that a month has passed, I am much more confident to correctly balance my day job with my gaming job. I expect to regain full speed in a couple of weeks.

Vaults Inc

The Vaults Inc project, as announced, is our new game. It is a very cool strategy game and received a lot of good feedback since the prototype launch on Ludum Dare competition.
The business strategy that I will follow (soon detailed in a full dedicated document and post) is to reuse some base game mechanics into recuring universes. I tried to explore 2 universes (also to be announced later), but just one is mature enough to receive further investiments.
It is now in full pre production, with a lot of experimentation and visual identity creation. I will be a milestone in Gamenific’s history, since I will invest a lot of money on its development, using a lot of freelance and outsourcing several portions of the process. It will miss the Christmas launch window, but I am very confident that it could be a great franchise.


Despite the missing dates, I am fully committed to finishing it. Desura and IndieGogo customers will receive it as soon as possible.
The curious thing that, because I do not close the project, I keep changing things here and there. I am particularly interested in altering the list of background musics that are deployed. After several months, I got annoyed with them. I will look for some freelance artist to compose a track or two. I always can reuse it later in a future venture.