Accidental Green Lightning

Holy smoke!
After a big sprint on Brazilian government’s game contest (I will write about it later), I went back to Picubic for some extra work.
The game is now on Alpha and available on Desura. I liked their work with indie and it was a good starting point. But I thought it was time to contact other outlets to know about their process, contracts and terms.
Some indie bundle stores (IndieGala and the Humble Bundle) ask for a Steam version because they essentially sell keys instead the game itself. So I started to fill the Steam Greenlight program form. Steam is the Titanic game store that, for the games that are listed, represent the single biggest sales driver.
But what I did not know is that, unlike other stores, the application was live immediately! I was not prepared for this. I thought Valve would first check the references, ask more documentation, credit card number, paperwork and stuff. But no! Suddenly, Picubic was on Steam Greenlight asking for votes!
The current trailer is 1 year old, with a very Alpha look. The new visuals and screens are not reflecting the current state. Also, I had not created enough marketing material for a campaign like this.
Breath slowly and think!
I need to hire someone to build a new -at least temporary— trailer and start to take some screenshots and enhance the site and reply all the comments and do everything!
Don’t Worry, Be Happy! As a part-time gameDev, there is a always a lot of work to be done. It is a great part of the fun.
Now that it is done, please enter the Steam Greenlight and vote for Picubic!